Monday, August 01, 2005

Portrat of Dorian HOTTIE!!!

Today I would like to tell you about a new favorite “Blog” that I have been loving!It is by a young Dude and Television Star named Dorian Davis who I really admire in more ways than one!! First off my Boyfriend Chad and me think that he is VERY cute. (Yes for those who, care, about me Personally Chad and I are now “back together.” I just can’t stay away LOL.)

Anyways YES Dorian is totally “f” able as Chad says LOL (don’t want to write the whole word, hey Kids might be reading. Hey Kids F stands for flowers!!!) But he is also SMART/Right wing! Like me he is trying to ptu the “Cool Back In Cosnervative”. And he is a homosexual! And he is on MTV!!!! I mean how “Cool” can you get! Hey Dorian want to be my “friend with beenfits?” (Just Kiddin Chad.) Anyways the only thing is that I hope he is not Promoting Inappropriate things on that channel because I have read that they have some pretty bad stuff especially by Rappers/Hip Hop and this new Video called Grand Thief Auto that I have been hearing
about! (I’m not TOTALLY “old” though I love the Black Eyed Peaz! Let’s Get It Started In Here! It’s Getting Hotter In Here! I sing that song all the

But that is all Water Under the Bridge. You should read Dorian’s latest post which is so right. It is about how everyone hates Conservatives/Bush (HEY ACLU, THAT’S HATE SPEECH SO WHY AREN’T YOU DEFENDING THAT!?) but how come no one has noticed that it is MUSLIMS/Terrorists who are bombing OUR buses in “London”!? NOT
Republicans. And we are discriminated against even in our very own United States while Those people walk around with those Thingies on their head and everything. And in those countries they are also DISCRIMINATORY toward gays so I don’t see why you Dems/Gays love those places so much!! I thought Dorian Davises Blog about it
was so Awesome that I even wrote him a comment/fan mail. Hope he doesn’t thing I am “his Stalker” LOL! (Actually it is Chad who has been looking at his
pictures on That “Friendster” a lot because I am not on That Service.)

Dorian is also a GREAT writer and he is very Inspirational. I wish I could write the way he does, but Hey I say that’s why I’m a dentist not writer. This blog is just a Hobby for the “crazy” things I’m always sayin’. But you should read some of thse things that Dorian Davis has to say!!! Some of them sound like they could be written by Abraham Lincoln or George Washington or other famous Republicans, from long ago when Republicans were respected and not in the minority in the Blue States. He has even written some poems that I think are “very beautiful.” This Guy does ti all!

Well I know this post has not been very “interesting” but sometimes unlike what that Wonkette says it is not all about being “clever” or “wit.” I am just so bad that there are so many young, “CUTE” gay republicans like Dorian Davis! Well I am just so glad he has the COURAGE/bravery to speak out even though we republicans are always being persecuted by this Hate Speech against us! Ok, so me and Chad have a little “crush.” (Not sure who’s is bigger, mine or Chad’s LOL.)

Keep up the good work, Dorian!!! If your ever in Rockville we’ll take you to Dupont Circle (They call it the Fruit Loop guess why) and buy you a drink (or 10, lol) at “Mr. P’s!”