Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Well Jack Be Nimble Jack Be Quick Jack Go UNDER the LIMBO STICK! Limbo Limbo How Low Can You GO!!!! Those are the words of the “Limbo” song which is a popular game that is played in Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Africa and many other of Those Countries and it is a game that LIBERALS love to play. They sure have been playing it a LOT lately too! In that game, you have to get under a stick by bending over and walking very LOW. Well I know that Liberals sure like to BEND OVER if you know what I mean (LOL) not that there’s anything “wrong” with that I should know. (Even if that is not my preference as most of my Readers know. Although YES I am gay, I am not the kind who does that thing that I am talking about.)

By How Low Can You Go I am saying that Liberals have no snese of decency about the kind of “accusatons” that they are always doing. They will say anything, do anything, no matter how “Low.” If they think it will help Them. Just like going under the LIMBO stick. Well this time you will not believe what they are claiming. It is that the new JUSTICE ROBERTS (that new man on the Supereme Court) is a Homosexual. And get this they are even saying that his little BOY who could not be more than ten years old is gay to just because he dresses so fancy and proper for the whitehouse what was he supposed to wear flip flops and a thong like that Monica Lewinsky!!!!! Well talk about stereotyping!!!! If he dressed that way I bet they would say he looked Homosexual then too!!! And plus if that little BOY was “That Way” wouldn’t he spell it BOI?!!? Most of the young ones (called Twinks) I know do! LOL!!!!!

Now I know it has been a very long time since I have posted, and “Yes” many things have happened in my life since you last Heard From Me. Actually I did not know if I was Ever going to post on this BLOG again due to being as it has caused some real problems in my life the last time I made a post and hurt/offended some people very close to me who I am not going to mention his name. (I think you probably know who I am talking about.) But this situation is just making me so mad that I CANNOT be silent any longer!!!

As you know, we are in a war right now, and in a war there are different rules for what you can and cannot do. As you also probably know our Military has a special policy that says you can not be Homosexual because of the nudity in the showers and such. Now as you know I am OUT AND PROUD and LIVE AND LOVE MY LIFE. I am a “big” supporter of the Gay Rights Movement even though I am also a Republican and a Right-Wing/Christian. Personally I think it is very sensable that there are no gays allowed in the army. Because I am gay I know that I woulfd not be able to resist seeing those hot army studs in the shower and I might do something that I regret!!!! And they would regret it too I Bet!! Or maybe not all know thats no way to fight a war! ANyway, who wants be in the Army anyway!? I think are souldiers are doing a great job and I sure am glad I'm not allowed to go Over There.

Well it is digusting of these liberals to accuse Furture Justice Roberts of these things during Wartime. How can they undermine the The Troops like that? It is JUST like the one time when That Wonkete accused Our President George W. Bush of being a homosexual because of the way he was holding his hand in a “nelly” way. Well George W Bush is not just Our President he is also Our Commander-In-Chief!! Of the Army!!! And what if Our Soldiers who are fighting so bravely out there find out what Wonkette is saying and think that is true!!? Well what if they believed her and stopped following orders from Our President because he is a gay!? If even one service man (or woman just so you know I’m not so called SEXIST!!) dies because of those things that Wonkette and dems have been saying then that is ONE TOO MANY.