Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I Heart Huges!

Well I just heard that George Bush (W’s) old assistant Karen Huges has taken the job of Condi Rice’s new assistant for secretary of State. (Funny how they call it secretaty even though it is actually an “Imporant” job. Maybe that is why he feels comfortable giving it to a woman as well as an African-American/Black.) Well I am so glad to hear that! Karen Huges was always my favorite member of the Bush “Team.” Even more than I like Condalezza. (I am not trying to be “Rude” because I think she is a True American hero, but do think that people in grade or grammar school made fun of her name which sounds so much like “Condolezzie” which is slang for dyke or lesbian woman?)

One reason that I really like Karen Huges so much is because she really has values. When she worked for Our President before, she had “Family Time” where if you worked for the White House you wouldn’t have to come to work if you were going to be with your Family. She was always very Close with President George Bush (the son not his father). Because they were often seen hugging and kissing, many people thought that they were Lovers or “Having an Affair” but in fact they were simply Good Friends. For all you Liberals out there who think that every time a man and a woman kiss on the lips or cheek that they are also doing “IT” (I think you know what I mean by IT!) I would just like to say that my young “Friend” Tom (not his real name) is very close with the Twins Gena and Barba. Well Tom me that he was smoking something (not cigarettes) with them a while a go and he was feeling a little “Funny” if you know what I mean! And he asked them if they think there dad ever Cheats or has an affair in the Oval Office. And they said that he would never do something like that because he has values. That just goes to show that George Bush and Karen Huges and not an Item. Also I bet some of you Liberal/Democrats out there are shocked that Ganna and Barbara would ever smoke “something” like that. (Marijuana.). Well guess what? Just because you are not liberal does not mean you cannot be "Cool". Although I do not believe in drugs, because I believe in The “Bible”, I think Hey If You’re Young Have Fun! Also Tom says that beside being “stoners” The Girls (That’s what he calls them—so cool!) are pretty big F—H—s. I am not going to say the phrase because it is “offensive” but it means a woman who is usually fat and enjoys “hanging” with a homosexual man. And it rhymes with Bag Rags. So for all of you Liberals who calls OUR PRESIDENT a Homophobic or Prejudice person, HOW CAN HE BE when his very own daughters love to be friends with gays? Well I think that is very Awesome(can I still say that now that I am “in my 30s?!!”) that I have a friend who is friend with people in the Bush Family. (Also just so you know when I say Friend I mean that he might be more than a friend if you know what I mean but don’t tell my Ex-Boyfriend Brad because I am afraid it might hurt him that I am back in a serious relationship so quickly with a much younger man or “twink.”)

Anyway, I am so happy that President George Bushes close friend Karen Hughes is now going to be in charge of the Middle East. There is only one thing that I am wondering about and that is Will She Have to Wear One of Those Berkas? Now I am not questioning Our Commander In Cheifs decision to make a lady as opposed to a man the Assistant to Condilezza Rice (a Black Woman) because I am a Patriot and part of being a Patriot is Supporting the decisions of the Commander an Chief and not “undermining” or “questioning” them. But I am just curious about it because as we know Muslimism is opposed to women and I heard it said in the Torah that it is a sin just to have your “time of the month”! Now I am Gay as you know and I don’t like the thought of going “down there” especially during someone’s Time of the Month (menstrating) but even I can tell you it is perfectly natural for someone to do that and not a sin. That is just ridiculous. Which is how I am curious about how Karen Huges is going to be in charge of all those Muslim people! Well I know she will do a good job, because otherwise Our President George W Bush would not have put her in charge of that!!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!


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It's been yhree weeks since you posted! I'm going through Mangina Dentata Withdrawal!


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