Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Hello From Chad!!!

Hey everyone let me introduce myself first. I’m new to this Blog thing so be nice OK!!! I’m Chad and I live in Rockville, Maryland. You might say I’m something of an INSIDE THE BELTWAY TYPE, ha ha, even though I’m a dentist some of my Neighbors are insiders!! Since I saw that my “hero” Andrew Sulliven is retiring from his awesome BLOG, I thought I would try to fill his shoes LOL, even though I bet they are big shoes if you know what I mean!! (Big shoes means big “you-know-what!”) Anyway this is going to be my little Blog thing. I am going to give my perspective as a Gay Republican and Conservative Thinker of politics and Current Events and also other “random” stuff like LOVING YOUR LIFE. I know theirs not many of us but Gay Republicans “DO” exist. If I can just change the mind of one other person into Supporting Our Leader President Bush, I will have done my job.

Of course a blog needs a name and I didn’t know what to call mine so I decided just to be “silly.” Since my boyfriend Brad (Chad and Brad I know I know, don’t even say it!!) always says I have a Mangina Dentata, (whatever that means but it sounds funny!) I decided I would name my blog after that nickname of his. Luv Ya Brad!!!!!!

Anyway, Thanks for reading my web log. I look forward to hearing from you! I will be posting more soon, I promise. This was just a little “Get to Know You.”


At 11:21 AM, Blogger downtownlad said...

Funny stuff!


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