Monday, August 01, 2005

Portrat of Dorian HOTTIE!!!

Today I would like to tell you about a new favorite “Blog” that I have been loving!It is by a young Dude and Television Star named Dorian Davis who I really admire in more ways than one!! First off my Boyfriend Chad and me think that he is VERY cute. (Yes for those who, care, about me Personally Chad and I are now “back together.” I just can’t stay away LOL.)

Anyways YES Dorian is totally “f” able as Chad says LOL (don’t want to write the whole word, hey Kids might be reading. Hey Kids F stands for flowers!!!) But he is also SMART/Right wing! Like me he is trying to ptu the “Cool Back In Cosnervative”. And he is a homosexual! And he is on MTV!!!! I mean how “Cool” can you get! Hey Dorian want to be my “friend with beenfits?” (Just Kiddin Chad.) Anyways the only thing is that I hope he is not Promoting Inappropriate things on that channel because I have read that they have some pretty bad stuff especially by Rappers/Hip Hop and this new Video called Grand Thief Auto that I have been hearing
about! (I’m not TOTALLY “old” though I love the Black Eyed Peaz! Let’s Get It Started In Here! It’s Getting Hotter In Here! I sing that song all the

But that is all Water Under the Bridge. You should read Dorian’s latest post which is so right. It is about how everyone hates Conservatives/Bush (HEY ACLU, THAT’S HATE SPEECH SO WHY AREN’T YOU DEFENDING THAT!?) but how come no one has noticed that it is MUSLIMS/Terrorists who are bombing OUR buses in “London”!? NOT
Republicans. And we are discriminated against even in our very own United States while Those people walk around with those Thingies on their head and everything. And in those countries they are also DISCRIMINATORY toward gays so I don’t see why you Dems/Gays love those places so much!! I thought Dorian Davises Blog about it
was so Awesome that I even wrote him a comment/fan mail. Hope he doesn’t thing I am “his Stalker” LOL! (Actually it is Chad who has been looking at his
pictures on That “Friendster” a lot because I am not on That Service.)

Dorian is also a GREAT writer and he is very Inspirational. I wish I could write the way he does, but Hey I say that’s why I’m a dentist not writer. This blog is just a Hobby for the “crazy” things I’m always sayin’. But you should read some of thse things that Dorian Davis has to say!!! Some of them sound like they could be written by Abraham Lincoln or George Washington or other famous Republicans, from long ago when Republicans were respected and not in the minority in the Blue States. He has even written some poems that I think are “very beautiful.” This Guy does ti all!

Well I know this post has not been very “interesting” but sometimes unlike what that Wonkette says it is not all about being “clever” or “wit.” I am just so bad that there are so many young, “CUTE” gay republicans like Dorian Davis! Well I am just so glad he has the COURAGE/bravery to speak out even though we republicans are always being persecuted by this Hate Speech against us! Ok, so me and Chad have a little “crush.” (Not sure who’s is bigger, mine or Chad’s LOL.)

Keep up the good work, Dorian!!! If your ever in Rockville we’ll take you to Dupont Circle (They call it the Fruit Loop guess why) and buy you a drink (or 10, lol) at “Mr. P’s!”

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Well Jack Be Nimble Jack Be Quick Jack Go UNDER the LIMBO STICK! Limbo Limbo How Low Can You GO!!!! Those are the words of the “Limbo” song which is a popular game that is played in Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Africa and many other of Those Countries and it is a game that LIBERALS love to play. They sure have been playing it a LOT lately too! In that game, you have to get under a stick by bending over and walking very LOW. Well I know that Liberals sure like to BEND OVER if you know what I mean (LOL) not that there’s anything “wrong” with that I should know. (Even if that is not my preference as most of my Readers know. Although YES I am gay, I am not the kind who does that thing that I am talking about.)

By How Low Can You Go I am saying that Liberals have no snese of decency about the kind of “accusatons” that they are always doing. They will say anything, do anything, no matter how “Low.” If they think it will help Them. Just like going under the LIMBO stick. Well this time you will not believe what they are claiming. It is that the new JUSTICE ROBERTS (that new man on the Supereme Court) is a Homosexual. And get this they are even saying that his little BOY who could not be more than ten years old is gay to just because he dresses so fancy and proper for the whitehouse what was he supposed to wear flip flops and a thong like that Monica Lewinsky!!!!! Well talk about stereotyping!!!! If he dressed that way I bet they would say he looked Homosexual then too!!! And plus if that little BOY was “That Way” wouldn’t he spell it BOI?!!? Most of the young ones (called Twinks) I know do! LOL!!!!!

Now I know it has been a very long time since I have posted, and “Yes” many things have happened in my life since you last Heard From Me. Actually I did not know if I was Ever going to post on this BLOG again due to being as it has caused some real problems in my life the last time I made a post and hurt/offended some people very close to me who I am not going to mention his name. (I think you probably know who I am talking about.) But this situation is just making me so mad that I CANNOT be silent any longer!!!

As you know, we are in a war right now, and in a war there are different rules for what you can and cannot do. As you also probably know our Military has a special policy that says you can not be Homosexual because of the nudity in the showers and such. Now as you know I am OUT AND PROUD and LIVE AND LOVE MY LIFE. I am a “big” supporter of the Gay Rights Movement even though I am also a Republican and a Right-Wing/Christian. Personally I think it is very sensable that there are no gays allowed in the army. Because I am gay I know that I woulfd not be able to resist seeing those hot army studs in the shower and I might do something that I regret!!!! And they would regret it too I Bet!! Or maybe not all know thats no way to fight a war! ANyway, who wants be in the Army anyway!? I think are souldiers are doing a great job and I sure am glad I'm not allowed to go Over There.

Well it is digusting of these liberals to accuse Furture Justice Roberts of these things during Wartime. How can they undermine the The Troops like that? It is JUST like the one time when That Wonkete accused Our President George W. Bush of being a homosexual because of the way he was holding his hand in a “nelly” way. Well George W Bush is not just Our President he is also Our Commander-In-Chief!! Of the Army!!! And what if Our Soldiers who are fighting so bravely out there find out what Wonkette is saying and think that is true!!? Well what if they believed her and stopped following orders from Our President because he is a gay!? If even one service man (or woman just so you know I’m not so called SEXIST!!) dies because of those things that Wonkette and dems have been saying then that is ONE TOO MANY.


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I Heart Huges!

Well I just heard that George Bush (W’s) old assistant Karen Huges has taken the job of Condi Rice’s new assistant for secretary of State. (Funny how they call it secretaty even though it is actually an “Imporant” job. Maybe that is why he feels comfortable giving it to a woman as well as an African-American/Black.) Well I am so glad to hear that! Karen Huges was always my favorite member of the Bush “Team.” Even more than I like Condalezza. (I am not trying to be “Rude” because I think she is a True American hero, but do think that people in grade or grammar school made fun of her name which sounds so much like “Condolezzie” which is slang for dyke or lesbian woman?)

One reason that I really like Karen Huges so much is because she really has values. When she worked for Our President before, she had “Family Time” where if you worked for the White House you wouldn’t have to come to work if you were going to be with your Family. She was always very Close with President George Bush (the son not his father). Because they were often seen hugging and kissing, many people thought that they were Lovers or “Having an Affair” but in fact they were simply Good Friends. For all you Liberals out there who think that every time a man and a woman kiss on the lips or cheek that they are also doing “IT” (I think you know what I mean by IT!) I would just like to say that my young “Friend” Tom (not his real name) is very close with the Twins Gena and Barba. Well Tom me that he was smoking something (not cigarettes) with them a while a go and he was feeling a little “Funny” if you know what I mean! And he asked them if they think there dad ever Cheats or has an affair in the Oval Office. And they said that he would never do something like that because he has values. That just goes to show that George Bush and Karen Huges and not an Item. Also I bet some of you Liberal/Democrats out there are shocked that Ganna and Barbara would ever smoke “something” like that. (Marijuana.). Well guess what? Just because you are not liberal does not mean you cannot be "Cool". Although I do not believe in drugs, because I believe in The “Bible”, I think Hey If You’re Young Have Fun! Also Tom says that beside being “stoners” The Girls (That’s what he calls them—so cool!) are pretty big F—H—s. I am not going to say the phrase because it is “offensive” but it means a woman who is usually fat and enjoys “hanging” with a homosexual man. And it rhymes with Bag Rags. So for all of you Liberals who calls OUR PRESIDENT a Homophobic or Prejudice person, HOW CAN HE BE when his very own daughters love to be friends with gays? Well I think that is very Awesome(can I still say that now that I am “in my 30s?!!”) that I have a friend who is friend with people in the Bush Family. (Also just so you know when I say Friend I mean that he might be more than a friend if you know what I mean but don’t tell my Ex-Boyfriend Brad because I am afraid it might hurt him that I am back in a serious relationship so quickly with a much younger man or “twink.”)

Anyway, I am so happy that President George Bushes close friend Karen Hughes is now going to be in charge of the Middle East. There is only one thing that I am wondering about and that is Will She Have to Wear One of Those Berkas? Now I am not questioning Our Commander In Cheifs decision to make a lady as opposed to a man the Assistant to Condilezza Rice (a Black Woman) because I am a Patriot and part of being a Patriot is Supporting the decisions of the Commander an Chief and not “undermining” or “questioning” them. But I am just curious about it because as we know Muslimism is opposed to women and I heard it said in the Torah that it is a sin just to have your “time of the month”! Now I am Gay as you know and I don’t like the thought of going “down there” especially during someone’s Time of the Month (menstrating) but even I can tell you it is perfectly natural for someone to do that and not a sin. That is just ridiculous. Which is how I am curious about how Karen Huges is going to be in charge of all those Muslim people! Well I know she will do a good job, because otherwise Our President George W Bush would not have put her in charge of that!!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

Friday, February 25, 2005

Single and FREE

Well I bet you have been wondering where I have been in the last couple days. Of not writing on my brand new “Blog” and everything.” Well the answer is I Have Some Sad News. Yes, as many of you have already guess, my Boyfriend Brad and I have broken up For Good. Now I do not want to get into the details of what happened “That’s Personal” and I don’t want to talk about it on The Internet. What I WILL say is that I dumped Brad and not the other way around. “Just so you know.”

Anyway I was sad for a day or two, which is why it has been so long since I have Posted here but now I am ready to get out into the world and be SINGLE again. This time I am looking to “Date” (if you know what I mean!!) a few Younger guys. I am not going to reveal my own age but lets just say when I say younger I mean like College guys or in the 18-22 category. They are so much more “Carefree” and “Fun” and also they are more open to new political Ideas. One of the biggest problems I have been having in the past couple days since dumping Brad is that many homosexual many my own age (30’s-40’s) are very closed minded about the fact that I am a Patriot and a Conservative Christian. I don’t understand how they can be that way after all, if they didn’t live in a FREE COUNTRY like this one, they wouldn’t be able to practice their lifestyle in freedom. Did you know that in some countries in Eurpoe, France, Asia and other parts of the Third World you can be executed or “Stoned” to death fro being a Homosexual!!?!?

That’s why I was NOT comfortable with Our President George Bush’s Trip to those countries this week. Yes, I know he has to “Pretend” to like them but did he have to even SHAKE HANDS and EAT FRENCH FOOD with that French President Jean-Claude??? I have heard that eating is very important to the Frech (Which is why they are so Overweight in that country) and I think thye must have thought President Bush was trying to tell them that we will go along with Whatever they say even though the FACT of the matter is that they are our ENEMY and don’t you forget it! I am not trying to "criticize" President Bush because he is our Commander in Chief and I do not believe in criticizing that, but I am just wondering why he had to do that!

Anyway, that is why I am trying to date younger men or bois as they sometimes call themselves (so cute!) now that I have dumped my Boyfriend Brad. They are not going to argue about these matters with me in fact thye will probably AGREE with me because they can see that I am older and Wiser. But I am also going to post my “personals ad” on reporter/journalist Sean Hannity’s new DATING SIGHT for conservatives only HANNIDATE… so if there’s any young guys (18-22 or “college” age, jock “types” especially blondes!) who think I sound Cute, you should check out my profile and send me an email to start the Romance!!!

Friday, February 11, 2005

Proud to Be an American! (My Neice "Jasmine")


Well Last Night me and my boyfriend Brad were babysitting for our Little Niece Jasmine. Now I know you are asking How Can She Be BOTH Of Your Niece when you are not related, just boyfriends!?? Well to answer that is that she is technically my niece because she is my Brother Spencer’s and his Wife Lisa’s daughter. But Brad considers her to be his Neice too because he was even there when she was BORN!!!

Little Jasmine is now 3 years old and she is a light in the life of everyone around her. She LOVES when Brad and Me babysit for her because she thinks we are so Fun and loves how we can do “girl” things with her too, like play “dress up and dolls!” (Brad “especially” loves the dolls part because he was not allowed by his father who by the way is a Liberal and union member to play with them when he was little.) My brother’s wife Lisa said it was lucky that little Jasmine turned out to be a girl when she was born because she and my Brother Spencer would not have felt “Comfortable” with me and Brad baby sitting for a little boy. Brad said he was glad they didn’t have a little boy too because he would rather play dolls then play “catch” or baseball!!! But that is just Brad. He can be a little “Nellie” sometimes (which for those of you out there who don’t speak “gay” means like being a little bit womanly!!!)

Like Me and Brad, Spencer, Lisa, and even Little Jasmine are a Conservative/Christian Family. They are also Patriots like us, and thank goodness! Because like I said before, some of the members of Brad’s family are not in keeping with how we think about politics. That has been known to “cause” some tension and even negative(hurtful) comments by them. So it is good that in “my” family we all share the same Value System. Jasmine has even been learning Patriotic/Republican songs! It was so cute to watch Jasmine singing the song she learned in preschool that goes “I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m Free!” (Click for the lyrics which are very Inspirational.) Of course she was wearing her American Flag dress. Adorable!!!!

Yes it was adorable but it also brought a tear to my eye. Because in this great country, my little neice Jasmine can grow up “FREE” to be Whatever She Wants to Be, do Whatever She Wants To Do. Did you know that Liberals are trying to take AWAY that right from her? That’s right. If you watched the “State of The Union Adress” the other night, you saw George Bush (Our President) telling us all how much he values Freedom for EVERY MAN AND WOMAN. He is even trying to bring Freedom to the Muslims on the other side of the Globe even though we all know VERY well that Muslimism is not in keeping with Pres. Bush’s beliefs (or mine.) I am so greatful that we have a president who knows it is Freedom which built America and Freedom which keeps it, great.

Yet, as many wise men (and women, so don’t think I’m prejudice or “bigoted!”) have said, freedom is not “free.” These Liberals think that they can have their “Freedom” without having to make any compromises. Like all this nonsense they have been saying about the Patriot Act and how it is going to “infringe” on their privacy. Well let me tell you this! These so-called “Liberals” are not going to have much privacy when America is a Muslim country where you can’t even walk down the street without a paper sack on your head! And even gays are persecuted under that religion!

Do we really want to live in a country where Little Jasmine cannot live the life she wants to live and LOVE her life? That’s what these Liberals want… but NOT me. That is why I support President George W. Bush.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Jeff Gannon IS Innocent!

Well everyone has been talking about this Jeff Gannon of the Talon News Serviec. Apparetly he is a Gay Prostitute or some “nonsense” of that nature. Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t see what all this fuss is about. To me it is typical Liberal Prejudice to try to criticize someone for what they do with there spare time! After all, it is these Liberal Activism Judges who are trying to tell WE THE PEOPLE what is and is NOT marriage. Now let me tell you, this judge woman with some crazy name, up in NEW YORK CITY of course is trying to tell me that I am a BRIDE. I am sorry but that is just ridiculous. If my boyfriend, Brad, and I, would ever to get married, I would consider it VERY insulting and wrong if someone was to refer to me as the bride. For one thing, I wear the pants in this relationship “If you know what I mean.” (I am not going to go into details but I have a T-Shirt that I ordered online that says “Pitcher” on it, which has to do with who is the giver and who is the receiver in the bedroom sense.) So in other words I think it is wrong of this Janice character to try to say that I should wear a white dress and a veil on my very own wedding!!! But that is just how these Liberals do things.


Anyway, me and my Boyfriend Brad were looking at this picture of this “Jeff Ganon,” and my boyfriend Brad says that he looks pretty “Gay” to him but he also says everyone should just leave him alone because any man that age who looks so good in his underwear can’t be all bad!!! But that is just Brad. He is always saying “silly” things like that. I personally think that it is ridiculous that they are trying to say Jeff Gannon (not his real name) is not a real reporter just because he is friends with George Bush! What like Our President is not allowed to be friends with a homosexual!?? Well guess what, I know for a fact that his First Daughters, Genna and Barbra Bush (the twins), are always bringing Homosexuals in and out of the White House for Visits, and that George Bush is very friendly with them to!!! Does that mean that they are so-called “Prostitutes” or not allowed in public Press Briefings that are open to ALL? I don’t think so—that’s discrimination which Liberals seem to “Love” to do!

Well that’s my first real post! Hope you like it! If you agree with me please leave a comment, but all you lefties can kiss my “cutie-patootie!!” as my boyfriend Brad calls it!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Hello From Chad!!!

Hey everyone let me introduce myself first. I’m new to this Blog thing so be nice OK!!! I’m Chad and I live in Rockville, Maryland. You might say I’m something of an INSIDE THE BELTWAY TYPE, ha ha, even though I’m a dentist some of my Neighbors are insiders!! Since I saw that my “hero” Andrew Sulliven is retiring from his awesome BLOG, I thought I would try to fill his shoes LOL, even though I bet they are big shoes if you know what I mean!! (Big shoes means big “you-know-what!”) Anyway this is going to be my little Blog thing. I am going to give my perspective as a Gay Republican and Conservative Thinker of politics and Current Events and also other “random” stuff like LOVING YOUR LIFE. I know theirs not many of us but Gay Republicans “DO” exist. If I can just change the mind of one other person into Supporting Our Leader President Bush, I will have done my job.

Of course a blog needs a name and I didn’t know what to call mine so I decided just to be “silly.” Since my boyfriend Brad (Chad and Brad I know I know, don’t even say it!!) always says I have a Mangina Dentata, (whatever that means but it sounds funny!) I decided I would name my blog after that nickname of his. Luv Ya Brad!!!!!!

Anyway, Thanks for reading my web log. I look forward to hearing from you! I will be posting more soon, I promise. This was just a little “Get to Know You.”